Why would you choose Dumaguete Jobs to handle your job postings?  The answer is because Dumaguete is the best in the area and in the industry.  We know the Dumaguete area, the people, and most importantly, the business.  Leveraging all these factors we get the candidates that you want for the job listing.  Here is the Dumaguete Jobs difference.

We Know The People

The team at Dumaguete Jobs is full of the best of the best.  We have been in the industry for years.  As such we know what you and your team are looking for in people.  We also know how to find those people.  Putting those facts together we add in the fact that we are Dumaguete locals and locals of the nearby areas.  That means we are better able to target the team members you are looking for, for your company.

Sharing Your Posts On Our Facebook Page

Our Facebook page contains a lot of people from around the Dumaguete area.  From hand workers to those with leadership experience, we know the people of the area.  When we share your job posting on our Facebook page it brings in the attention of people from all over.  This alone will bring in some of the applicants you are looking for.

Boost The Post On Our Facebook Thru Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising gets your message out to users that meet the specific requirements that you are looking for.  The advertising platform users the information that is already on social media to target the perfect users.  We work with Facebook to get the advertising perfect.  Facebook is one platform where people will take a good look at advertising because the system is set up so well.

Share On Various Local Job Facebook Groups

Social media is full of groups of people who are looking to get jobs and help others get jobs.  We take a look at each social media page and find the ones that your job posting will get the most benefit from.  Target audiences exist in these groups, in part due to the fact that the people there are already looking for a job.

Local Forums and Other Local Websites

There are a variety of websites throughout the internet that are dedicated just to the Dumaguete area.  For example, Craigslist has a website that covers Dumaguete.  Posting to these websites will get your job listing the attention that it needs.  Through experience we know what sites get the most attention we use these sites to get your listing attention.  The more websites that your listing is posted on the more attention that it will get.

We don’t just post the listing though, we go through the process of making it appealing to those who are visiting the site.  We also optimize it for search engines to find and websites to find.

Jobs Posted Appear on Google Search Results

Google Search results are where a lot of people go to look for jobs.  It has become the modern-day way to get all of your questions answered.  We make sure that your Dumaguete jobs appear in search results so that the people who are looking for jobs find your job posting.  This is done through advertising and optimization of your job postings so that they include keywords and other search engine requirements.

We Make Sure That Your Job Is Filled

We go above and beyond what other companies in Dumaguete and around the world do to get job positioned filled.  If you don’t get the number of applicants you are looking for or ones with the right qualifications we reach out to the people of Dumaguete and the surrounding areas to find the right fits for your position.  Facebook and LinkedIn are two of our major search platforms to find the right match.

Dumaguete jobs is a company that is designed to get you what you need to get Dumaguete jobs filled.  Unlike many companies on the internet, we do it with a personal touch.  This helps to make candidates for your positions energized and ready to fill the job listings that you have at your business.  Our team goes above and beyond to get your job filled. For more info read our terms.