Company Overview

Dumaguete Jobs is a job portal that provides specialized online job finding platform for the local businesses of Dumaguete and Negros Oriental regions. The team of Dumaguete Jobs is seasoned in this niche and has been able to provide numerous recruits in accordance with our client requirements. The business philosophy of Dumaguete Jobs is to strive for client satisfaction and achieve it by providing timely and useful resources to our clients.

Mission Statement

To become the most reliable online job finding platform  in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental regions keeping in mind the total client satisfaction practice.

Vision Statement

To become the most reliable online job finding platform, and provide steady and varied recruits according to our client needs.

Problem Identification & Motivation

It gets very difficult to recruit good human resources in the regions of Dumaguete and Negros Oriental. Companies often have to spend valuable hours and resources to hire people that are not the best recruits for the jobs. This way the companies have to compromise on their human resource assets. Dumaguete Jobs is self-driven to provide best resources to the clients on time.

Our service

We deliver efficiency in our client’s hiring process. We will post the required recruitment opportunities on our platforms (Web based and Social Media) and do the hard work for our clients by advertising and marketing for their needs. Unlike our competitors, we are specialized only in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental. Being the only professional recruitment service providers in the areas of Dumaguete and Negros Oriental we are able to provide fast and significant results. You should also read about why Dumaguete Jobs.

Key Success Factors:

  • Strengthening the Brand value
  • Brand Loyalty programs
  • Drive the personal service quality
  • Improvising the advance and updated information technology tools to advertise
  • Maintaining and expanding the current societal base
  • Providing 100% satisfaction to the targeted clients
  • Be an active member of the community
  • Encourage client input
  • Maintaining a respectable and untarnished reputation in the community
  • Adding business logo, company details of our clients on our website and social media
  • Our website is in number 1 in Google if you search:

Goals and Objectives

Based on the services we offer within the jurisdiction of our organization, the management has developed the primary goals and objectives of the organization.  As our organization is primarily supporting the objectives of efficient digital recruitment, in due course, the following goals and objectives have been driven to evolve the current infrastructure of the recruitment solutions through the best utilization of technology.

  • Digital empowerment of applicants
  • Access and knowledge of digital resumes to ensure the maximum utilization of digitizing infrastructure
  • Aiming to provide a wide range of choices and categories, catering to a variety of job options
  • Improvising the revised and updated knowledge in order to maintain relevancy to changing requirements of the job market and emerging trends in technology
  • Availability of digital resources/services in foreign languages to collaborate on a digital platform to support the projects and objectives of our clients
  • Empowering the digital infrastructure by introducing the platform to new graduates

Job Market

There is a constant hunt for recruits by the corporations and a fiercer hunt is done for jobs by fresh and experienced professionals. In this regard, the companies have to spend valuable hours to market and or advertise the job openings internally and externally causing them costs that are significant in the long run. Likewise there are many professionals who get stuck in the wrong jobs and cannot find a good opportunity. In this regard, the role of recruitment agencies becomes clear and essential. The modern recruitment companies are able to digitize their infrastructures and offer the services of becoming a bridge between companies’ human resource requirements and professionals who are looking for the job.

Online Job portals

There are many online job portals, but the niche of selecting a geographic region and specializing in it has been seen in the vast market of online job portals. This is where Dumaguete Jobs become a specialist as we are in contact with thousands of potential recruits on daily basis through our social media and web based portals.

Promotional Plan

Promotion is one the major elements of marketing and promotional techniques refer to the methods through which companies publicize their products or services in general public. Promotional mix includes both personal and non-personal means of communication.

The primary and secondary marketing strategy will be used to gain the attention of the customers. Dumaguete Jobs will focus more heavily on their secondary marketing strategy of promoting the brand. The company has developed a unique website to create awareness and promote our recruitment and job finding services along with promotional packages to our target market. For the offline campaign, we will use PR campaigns, blogging, newsletter, and other similar strategies will be used to reach out the clients.

Dumaguete Jobs will also use digital and electronic media to promote its offerings. The target audience of Dumaguete Jobs will include all genders, ethnicity, and culture. Since most economic and result oriented marketing approach is based upon social media our primary focus will be work on our social media and online presence which will also include paid advertisement on Google Adwords. Visit more about our terms.